Whether the decisions that you make is the right or the wrong one. It’s never easy to be honest but sometimes we just need to you just to take a leap of faith.

I usually leap first before thorough thinking. Not the best thing to do but at least I am decisive. Being decisive to me is very important. Quick thinking is good. But I guess it does apply to a lot of things. It has created quite a bit of problem to me in the past but I learn to live with it because it is important for me to take ownership of my decisions.

There are several things that I practice though:

  • We do what we need to do to make it happen
  • No harm trying. What worst can happen.


In fact for the second principle – a wise business guru told me before in a short coffee session… in Malay


Mencuba Itu Hak … Mendapat Itu Rezeki

Which means in English – to try is your right, and to get it is your profit. Which is true. Especially when I was doing sales. We should just try. Worst comes to worst – you won’t get the deal. But of course we need to consider the fact that doing it may incur irrecoverable cost. Writing proposals are not cheap.

So anyway – in the past couple of years – I have not been very discipline. Seriously – been doing things without thinking of the implications. And these are not matters surrounding my job but mostly personal decisions. Example – deciding what to eat. Haha.

So I guess – I need to start a program. Earlier last year I embarked on a 365 days project, which was going very well until I fell off the bandwagon. Perhaps it’s good time to start again. Now that I have more control of my time; it’s only wise to do start this again.

It’s not going to be easy but I must do it. The question remains whether I want am o be public about it. Haha. I remember posting the day summary. Everyday. Perhaps time to restart again. It was very effective I must say. So I guess – today is day zero. Tomorrow is day 1!

This is so random but just do it!!

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