Bangladesh Throwback – Again


The trip to Bangladesh was really an eye opener to be honest. Never in my mind that I thought I would have gone there. I understand that there are so many Bangladeshi here, and the typical Malaysian will look at down on them, but this is ultimately unfair. Because, they are really nice people and the fact that the country did not progress as fast as it could be made the people to be suffering.

In the past couple of years, I also worked with a lot of the nice people of Bangladeshi as part of Accenture acquisition of GPIT. Met some good friends, and even got some of them to come over to Malaysia to work as part of the project that I run.

Here are couple of photos from that trip.




A lot of these photos has been published before thru one way or the other, but I guess its always fun to publish again as part of throwback series 🙂

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