Throwback – Tawau


Back in 2007 – I went to Tawau as a recon trip together with a good friend of mine – Yusuf Hashim to checkout the places to go in Tawau as part of our Crossing Bridges trip. It was an awesome trip because we were able to go around Tawau and Semporna on our own. It was to check out the different places that we will go during the actual trip which was couple of months after that. I am actually quite amazed that I was able to organize the trip. Despite being busy with work, it was pretty awesome indeed.

The photo below is a photo of kid selling mussels during the early morning market in Tawau town itself. Obviously I didn’t buy any. This is because I had no kitchen to cook. I wish I had one, it would have been a great butter and garlic mussels!


The following photo is in the market at the jetty. The guy is showing off his catch of the day (or rather the catch of the day delivered!)


Who needs to go to Japan to look at Tuna! This is how we do it!


The following photo shows the boat that the people take to go from point a to point b. It is a really busy morning indeed!


I must say – I really enjoyed my stay there. Would love to go to Tawau again one day. Unfortunately – it is under intense protection as there were pirates that come and go to the place.


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