This is annoying

I was in a rush just now and was buying a new iPad. I should have looked properly. I do remember that I asked for a cellular model, but ended up getting the WiFi model. Sigh. This is super annoying, but its ok la. Using a 4G model is good, but when I roam its not that I can use it and I need to tether from my phone anyway!

I am trying to make myself comfortable with this, which I am sure I can. Tethering is easy. In fact – a lot of my friends are using tethering now instead of using 4G. It’s convenient but its not the best option. Battery could be an issue ? No? Ha ha. It’s ok.

So now – rather than going back to change, its totally my fault for not checking the stock. Really – my fault. Was rushing. Should have looked properly. I guess I just need to get use to it. At least for the next couple of years…. 🙂

I know what I want to do with the iPad – so lets just use for what I want to use it for. He he. Which is reading…. and more reading. And more blogging perhaps.

Ha hahahahaha

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