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It has been a while since I touched this blog. I know I have not completed the rest of the blog entries for my series Jobless in Japan, but I guess that will come slowly. I seriously need to finish it. Honestly – in most days I was too tired to process my photos and start writing. The plan was to write while I am on the train, but I guess after a while, the trip on the train was must shorter than I expected.

Anyway – my 28 days adventure already over and I am now back in Malaysia working. Will try my best to complete the rest of the 18 days of adventure. Well towards the last 4 days when I got to Tokyo, there was not much things to see as I have been in Tokyo multiple times. And I spent a lot more walking around and shopping, finishing my holiday budget 🙂

So I have left my previous life as a consultant for a multinational and now I have moved on to be a banker. Not really a full fledge banker but more as a support function to help them transform, focusing more on complex project management. It is quite a challenging job, especially the fact that I have not been in the industry before. I guess its something that I have to learn.

There are so much difference from being in consulting industry versus being in an end user environment. For once, I do have a lot more time to myself. Yes the working hours is more fixed and less flexible, but I find having fixed hours is a lot better than the need to stay up at work very late. In fact now that I have more time, perhaps I can spend more time writing on this blog. There are so many things in my mind that I want to write, but because I am so busy with work (before), I just can’t get myself to move and write something.

OK – time for me to start a new challenge. Starting from today, I will do a 30 days challenge to write something on my blog. Time to bring it to life again. I remember, at one time I did spend a lot of time writing because its something that I enjoy. Yes – I don’t have much followers, but sometimes it is great just to write something, and publish. You never know – somebody may just go to your site and read. My writing is definitely very lousy, especially after not writing for a while. But its ok, I guess its something that I need to push myself to do. In fact for the 30 days, perhaps what I should do is to share the things that I learn from banking! I do have a check list of terms that I wanted to learn. It will be useful for me to write, and pen my thoughts. It may be wrong, may be right – but who cares.


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