American Taste Exotic Food

This is so funny..


The list of food are as follows:

Chicken Feet (Eaten…and not a fan)

I guess chicken feet is one of those delicacies that are popular in Asia. We cook it in a lot of ways. From salad to soup. Honestly I am not a fan of chicken feet. Nothing grossfied about it, its just that I prefer to eat real meat (and fats).



Natto (Not yet and perhaps can try soon)

This is fermented soy bean. No idea what’s that sticky stuff sticking to eat. Looks like cheese but its not cheese i guess. I do like tempe, so I guess the Natto’s taste is similar to tempe. Tempe is very easy to make. You just need to add the culture to a bunch of soaked soy beans, and let the culture grow. The culture is called ragi. I do have a packet at home, but haven’t used it at all. Its so much easier to buy from the shop.



Durian (FTW!)

Do I even need to say much about this fruit? Musang King FTW!



Balut (Not yet and no plans..)

No offence to my filipino friends. I don’t think i can eat this. The video did mentioned that it taste like pate. Ok.. fact of the matter i just hate pate. Can’t take it.. blek blek blek. And this is even errr… cruel? Well – respect other people’s food.



Sannakji (Not yet.. but i want to try!)

Looks yummy! Seriously – squid with sesame seed.. yum yum. Need to try this. How fresher can you get!



Hehehe. Over and out



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