So today was a food coma day! I went to the I Eat Burger Day aka Burgermbira! This is friedchillies-organized event where they invite the top 20 burger joints in Klang Valley (or perhaps Malaysia) to Padang Timur and serve burger to a whole bunch of people. I decided to go after doing a hell of a workout in gym. I am pretty sure that the workout in the morning doesn’t mean anything….

All in all, I managed to hit 10 out of 20 stalls..

  • the burger shop – decent burger. But the patty does not feel real.
  • mustafa jones – my favourite definitely… Love the hint of barbeque sauce
  • burger kawkaw – the ayumi chicken burger is interesting.
  • om burger – normal..
  • yazid burger – normal
  • myburgerlab – decent..
  • smashies burger – if the patty was not overcooked, it will be my number one. Love the distinct beef taste.
  • raja burger – massive… and not so on
  • usop burger celup – normal…
  • lee burger baked beans – gassy!

Here are some of the photos…

IMG 1569

Queue…Notice the umbrella? It’s damn hot weih..


IMG 1570

This is the burgershop. 


IMG 1571

While my friends queue up for BurgerShop, I queue up for Mustafa Jones. God damn, it takes forever….


IMG 1572

My BurgerShop burger. Not so bad..


IMG 1573

Mustafa Jones burger. Quite good…


IMG 1574

Close look at Mustafa Jones Deluxe Bacon and Cheese burger. Too much mustard eh. Blame it on me..


IMG 1575

This is the last burger from Lee Burger. Guaranteed to be a gassy evening!


IMG 1577

Can’t resist to end the day with a Large Rootbeer Float!!

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