Recall confirmed!

Buying a new BMW bike is one of the biggest decision one has to make. Honestly, the bike is not a cheap toy – as what people put it, Big Boys Toys. But in anyway, one will need to reward themselves with “toys” for achievement or for the hard work that the have put in. I started riding about 1.5 years, and I started with a F800GS, and then straight moved to R1200RT LC, after it was launched. Initially I wanted to acquire R1200GS, but decided on R1200RT after looking at the bike itself. Amazing…. and plus from a total cost of ownership, it was lower than the GS. In anyway, I took the delivery of the bike few days before my birthday. And that weekend itself i managed to clocked almost 900km! Was really good fun….

Two weeks after I took delivery… 1100km….. I read a facebook post from the owners Facebook group.. It says this..


Obviously, I was a bit shocked – but natural tendency is check back with my sales advisor from Auto Bavaria. He said he will check the next morning….. And guess what… the next morning passed by.. and this was released…


Confirmed – that RT with Dynamics ESA package are all impacted. And all the RT delivered in Malaysia came with this. Soon after that, I received a call from my sales advisor advising me to not ride the bike and wait for Auto Bavaria after sales to call me to pickup the bike. At this point, there’s no indication whether the fix is available but I guess I just have to wait and see. Safety of the customers (which is myself) is of BMW top priority. 

There might be a lot of haters out there, pay so much money for a bike – and then after few weeks of delivery you have to send it back. Well. I guess that’s part and parcel of life. I still enjoy the bike. Can’t wait to get the bike back. But let’s see how it goes 🙂

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