As many have known, that my bike F800GS comes with tube tires instead of tubeless. I think the reason behind that is that the bike meant to be more for trail riding, and less of touring.

If you look at the video below, you can see that to change tube – is definitely painful. I prefer to use to tubeless kit so I don’t have to do all the stuffs below.

For bicycle is fine, as the bike is light and the brakes and all are not as complicated as a motorcycle. Ha ha..

So now..

Tubeless Conversion

My option is to head over to Sunny Cycle and get Sunny Oh to convert my rim to tubeless! It’s not really a major thing to do, but generally the principle is to seal all the spokes. Whether that’ll work, well, I’ve been on the bike for past couple of weeks. Not much difference in handling and the tire pressure barely change (apart from the normal pressure degradation).



My only grievance with the process, is that the process took like a week. As sunny had to do multiple seals and let it dry naturally. As the time when I sent to sunny, the weather wasn’t fantastic hence the sealing process took forever! Well I guess it’s all worth it. Now I am ready to go for the long distance touring. But where and when???

We shall see. I am hoping that my work will get back to normal pace in the next 2 weeks then I can plan a trip. Perhaps just around Malaysia. KL-Pahang-Terengganu-Kelantan-Perak-KL 🙂

We shall see

7 thoughts on “Tubeless Tire

  1. Yusry Najib says:

    Hello Fazli,

    I was looking a way how to convert GS800 to tubeless tyre. Motorrad told me to change the RIM and tyres for a cost of 10k.

    Can you share your experiences with Sunny Cycle conversion? How much it costs? Arr you happy post conversion 🙂

    Thanks Fazli

  2. Razali sani says:

    Hi.. till now hows the tubeless rim works for u?
    Any problem?

  3. Dan says:

    Hi bro, any idea what they used to seal the rim?


    is this long-lasting ?

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