Long time….

It has been a long time since I last blog. I wonder why – well, I guess in the past couple of weeks I’ve been seriously busy, plus I was down with measles for a week. Gosh – it was really bad. I thought it was just a normal fever but afraid not – it was bloody measles. My platelet levels dropped to about 60k and I had to be wary of bleeding and such.

Anyway – I’ve not been doing that much riding lately. Loads of short rides here and there – nothing compared to a my previous rides of 500-600km a day. I should be doing this soon – just that I’ve been caught up with a lot of other things lately – over the weekends!

These weekend – I somewhat brought my bike another level…

1 – I used it to go to the market to buy FOOD

Ha ha – it’s funny right, buy such an expensive bike and use it to the market! Well – it’s easier to park to start with!


The stuff in the plastic bags are:

  • Lamb rack
  • Beef tenderloin
  • Chicken breast
  • Beef ribs

He he.. This is for the sous vide cookout next week!

2 – I used it to go buy CAKE

Well – there’s Easter Dinner today – so I took my bike and went to Citta Mall. Bought the Trianon cake from Le Trianon.


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