So its Frasers…

So today was really a long long distance ride for me.. Geeze, I must say its very tiring! Though it was super enjoyable 🙂

I actually went to Fraser’s Hill together with Chin Hui… The ride started approximately about 7.30am… and ended about 3pm. Phewhh… long long right. I did…

PJ – Kuala Kubu – Frasers – Raub – Bentong – Home…


Waiting for Chin Hui to fill up gas somewhere in Selayang.


Right at the Gap before going thru a slow climb (yes I did remember how i used my bicycle up there…). This was very much less painful!


Photo at the clock tower, after the short 8km climb. Heh heh… The climb was not so difficult.. I must say.


Drinks stop! Somewhere somehow in Frasers.


Customary picture, at the exit of Frasers. That was tiring indeed…

All and all.. it was fun and enjoyable trip 🙂

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