Reprocessed… Crossing Bridges Siem Reap..

In the past few months (maybe a year), I have somewhat fell off the bandwagon of photography. This is attributed to lack of time for my own personal space a.k.a. photography. Since this is the new year, I should will start back again my photography hobby. In view of that, I am just browsing through my personal archive of photos, and here is one of those random pictures which I like.

_K3H9777 (1).jpg

Few key elements, in my hunt for photography nirvana:

  • I like people and street photos (not much of landscape, macro, architecture stuffs)
  • I like wide angle (not so much of telephoto, those sucks)
  • I like gears (yes, but now i am forcing myself to be limited to one camera, one focal length, and for this year I will shoot with THAT only – plus my phone)

In another blog, I am also part of the Project 52 @

This is a project together with my other LeicaNuts to post a photo every week in a year! I will start putting in my calendar to post at least every Sunday – which is today 🙂

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