COBC Toys Today = Tyres, Jerry Can and a fellow recruit!!!


The whole works today! Bear crawl, Tire flipping, Jerry can and Bear crawl!

This morning – finally i managed to overcome over snooze syndrome despite sleeping about 2am in the morning. With just about 3 hours of sleep, I managed to complete the BU Alpha session for Chief Original Bootcamp!

I must say – the session this morning was fun. Same as last Wednesday, it was more of a team thing where were divided into 4 groups, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Echo. To make it even more interesting, this morning we were given few toys:

  • Not so big but bloody heavy tires..
  • Jerry can that feels heavier than my tummy
  • Another recruit which needs to be piggy back (where else can you find this…)

As any team activities, we had to race against each other. Despite losing few times – which of course because my team wanted the grunts… we had good fun! Bloody crab walk and bear crawl in a mud pool is no fun! Especially when some people brought up stories about worms and such…

In anyway – here are some pictures from BU Bravo. I decided to stay for awhile to get some pictures of the recruits doing some flipping!


Fiza – with the Affendi the Mandur giving the instruction…


Mommy PC – “I want the Jerry Can!!”


Fendi and his poo poo face? Ha ha


Bai that did the grunts without the need to jump (somewhat…)


Resting and posing!!

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