Another Assessment – Some Improvement


Today is a start of Chief Original Bootcamp again after 1 week break. As any other month – all start with assessment! The assessment consists of


800 meter run

10 normal push-ups or 15 knee push-ups

1o reps for grunts (for those who don’t know what’s grunts… checkout the video below)

15 sit ups or 20 assisted sit ups

REPEAT FOR 3 TIMES (or as much as one can in 15 minutes)

PART 21-mile run
Do as fast as possible (within 15 minutes)

My timing so far is as follows:

Date Time Part 1 Time Part 2
25/3/2011 14:35 Did not finish
30/5/2011 12:05 12:18

Seems to be good improvement especially on Part 2. I should aim to break 10 mins for both Part 1 and Part 2. We shall see 😀

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