Bootcamp – BU Alpha


Another awesome session in Bootcamp© this morning! Bootcamp is a franchise from Australia that started in 1991. I would not say its a circuit or crossfit – maybe somewhere in between. Each session is different. So far, I have not been in a session (well I’ve only joined for 1 month) where the routines are repeated.

Each time one sign up for Bootcamp, you entitled to 12 sessions. These 12 sessions is conducted in a course of 4 weeks. Each week there will be 3 sessions. For BU Alpha – it’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday (5.45am-6.45am). There are other sessions which starts later at 7am. But for me, the earlier the better – as I will have less reason to not go. In fact, I traditionally been waking up early – therefore it’s not much of an issue.

Today’s session is the last session for the month. But since I missed one session (work late), I will need to go for another session tomorrow in USJ.

The exercise today is not as bad as I expected. The session on Wednesday was so much more tiring compared to this. Perhaps because I have stronger legs – thus running and sprinting is somewhat still my strength (relatively poor compared to the rest of the recruits).

Following is the routine for the session – each sets 3 reps…:

Station 1 – Field with approx 200m running track

Set 1


Set 2

One leg jumps (switch legs at half point)

Set 3

Side steps (switch side at half point)

Station 2 – Sprinting with approx 100m distance with cones every 25m

Set 1


Set 2

Sprint to cone – then side step to the other end

Cannot remember one of the sets. Screw it…

Station 3 – Tabata workout

Whole bunch of abs workout which i can’t remember

Ha ha…


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