TRX People?

TRX is one of the tool that I bought few months ago to aid my training. Its super duper light!

trx Product 500x667.jpg
When you a buy a pack, it will come with a carry bag, the TRX its self (that’s on the right), and bunch of starter DVD. If you are the type that always travel, this is a good accessory to buy!
Its a door anchor, It will hook to pretty much any sturdy door. Within 2 mins your home is your gym!
When you travel, it’ll be something like this..

TRX Door Anchor 2.jpg
Cool eh?
Lastly, if you are gonna spend most of your time working out at home, this is a worthy investment 😀

Super sturdy..! I am waiting for mine.. hopefully next week!
So that i can workout like this at home? Maybe…

TRX X ceiling.jpg
Hopefully I wont drill all the way up!

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