I slept way too much in the last 24 hours. After buka – i slept for about 90 mins.. then i wake up then shower and do few things, then i was back in bed. Slept foranother 10 hours or so. I really don’t know why. Maybe i was tired – lack of food, and too much exercise in the past two day. By right, I should be spending about a third of my life sleeping, but yesterday.. is almost half the time.

Obviously i woke up this morning completely blur. With way too much dreams – dreams that bring on some of memories in the past, and some of the things that I would like to do in the future. I woke up completely confused and completely blurred. As any other day, I would try to think about the things that I want to do today – I just could get my brain to wake up and plan! I guess consciously my brain is still way in the dreamland – and it would take a few more hours before I can start thinking properly.

Again – this is another lousy post from me, because I just needed to write something – as what people put is as warming up!

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