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In the last few days, I’ve been starting to watch Battlestar Galactica – the remake in the 2004. This is after months of procrastinating (and of course i had a lot more other tv series to watch). Personally I am not a science fiction fan. I am more of a comedy and drama type person. But seriously, the show Battlestar Galactica rocks… like epic rocks!

The beauty of the age of internet is that, unlike years ago when we watch tv series by trying to get ourself in front of the TV at a set time and day – hoping that we will catch the next episode – we can now watch any episode as and when we like! In fact, I’ve been watching the show mostly on my ipad because as my normal practice, watching TV series should be done in gym. Something to get our mind out of the running or stepping! In addition to that, its like a subconscious motivation for us to workout more. Imagine, you watch one episode which is roughly 45 mins then you decide to watch another episode. Hey! that’s another 45 mins of awesome workout. And i can safely say without TV series, its ultimately difficult to get yourself glued to cardio machines. Obviously the downside when you go out running – you will get the feeling of epic boredom. Like really epic epic!

Anyway, back to Battlestar Galactica – some of the cool characters i like are:

Commander William Adama


This guy is one cool character. Hardly smiles – but you know he’s a thinking man! I was kinda shocked when he was shot by Cylon in early part of Season 2, but I guess his one of the main character. How can he die!

Boomer a.k.a. Sharon


Technically she’s a human cylon. To the point where I am watching now – the acceptance of human cylon is still not there. I am still guessing whether in the “future” it will be. I guess i still have to watch it till end of season 4!


Captain Karl 'Helo' Agathon.jpeg

This is one character which has a relationship with Boomer or Sharon. Apparently they managed to conceive a child (amazing considering Cylon is a machine). Keh keh keh.

So now.. there’s still about 3 seasons for me to finish. The first season was simpler because it has only 13 episodes. Few gym sessions is sufficient to finish it. Finishing the rest of the season will be tough but hopefully it’ll be worth it. Something like West Wing! West Wing really rocks 😀

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