I am now in Shanghai for business purposes. As part of the company’s growth strategy – we look at expanding our international business. Making China as one of the key market for us.

With that in mind, I would also need to expand my business to China. So far, it has been good – and I am hoping to send more of my guys over to China (Shanghai to be exact) in the next coming months. In fact, my vision is to have probably 10-20 people under my division to be based in Shanghai permanently (that means China would be a major revenue stream for me).

Anyway – this trip is rather very interesting, as this is the first time I am in China alone. Typically I would go to China together with my colleagues. Its not easy – as I am not a Mandarin speaker (still trying hard to learn). But I think i’ll get around it eventually.

The picture above is captured on East Nanjing Road, as pictured here:

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This is not my first time in Shanghai. Previously, I was in Shanghai for a short period before heading to Suzhou (where my R&D office is). Shanghai is a busy place – its huge and rather colourful. Then again, I have not been to all the places in Shanghai. It looks big, it looks awesome for street photography and it feels like its full of conman.

Then again – being a foreigner in this land, I would need to be respectful to others. Despite being offered DVD, handbags and stuffs while walking around the road – i feel that they just treat me like a tourist (kinda obvious). Its the same as another tourist comes to Malaysia and walk around Petaling Street. Am sure they are treated the same way:p

Anyway – I would love to come back here, with a nice camera – and have a day or two of walkabouts. In fact, winter over here will be awesome. Foggy.. misty.. old man on the bicycle … 😀 He he..

p/s Will post later on youtube my video on Maglev. Youtube is blocked from the firewall!



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