Human body is a machine – much more technologically advanced than any other mechanical machines that exist in the world. Its not super strong per se like metal, but its so much better in the sense that it could regenerate itself – ensuring that one could survive thru time.

Self regeneration is very important, as it provides one with healing powers – that is much much better than those mechanical engines, that basically will break once it reaches the limit. Then again, as much as the body would be able to heal it self, it does has a limit on to what extend the “damage” it can take before the healing process is irreversible, or perhaps collapse to a point where the body will shut down.

On what’s the limit that a body could take, I think very much dependent on how one maintain and build its body. Different aspect of stress would also be somewhat important as if you think about it, running will create stress to the leg joints (mostly), swimming to the shoulder(depending on the strokes), writing.. (On the fingers), and so on and so forth.

I always believe that the body can adapt, whereby the more we train – the higher the limit we can handle. But when we train. We must ensure that the body has enough time to do recovery – because otherwise.. the body will go to a stage where it would not be able to recover. Having said that, it will cause the body to be on a self-destruction mode.

For me and my body, the longest stretch of crazy work out I did was few years back during the calorie burning competition in Fitness First. Where it was a competition for the most number of calories that one could burn in a month(30 days).

It was definitely a tough competition as one would need to burn so much calories, yet be able to maintain his/her performance for 30 days. In order to win, one would need to maintain his/her pace to last for 30 days without stop.

Then again, I had an advantage – I was super heavy. 130++ kg to be exact. With that – I am able to burn so much more calories than a lot other people! Seriously I would easily burn double the amount of calories 😉

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