Yesterday I did not managed to go Pushmore because my legs was just not fit enough to do anything humanely possible. In fact, when i was at the golf course I was already struggling trying to walk towards the ball. In addition to that, I was being very lazy when it comes to reading the line on the green, because it was difficult for me to bend my knees and squat down!

Anyway – today was another foundation class (somewhat rearranged after I ffk the day before – i did call to rearrange).

Here are the things I learnt!

  • Press
  • Push Press
  • Press and Jerk

Well after the learning the whole thing – i had to do.. 3-4-5 (3 press, 4 push press and 5 press and jerk) per set … as many as possible in 10 mins. I managed to do 5 sets 🙁

Seriously, I am still not confident in doing presses because I am very very scared of breaking my back. Just look at the videos!

I finished the workout with a 30 mins skip. I really wanna get my skipping perfect man !

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