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Ways to save electricity..


Following are ways that once can save electricity

Basic Common Sense

  • Switch off the damn lights when you leave the room
  • Switch off the air con when you leave the room
  • Seal off your room when using the air cond (doors and windows shut)
  • Shut down your PC when you finish using it

Not So Common Sense Yet Still Makes Sense

  • Use energy savings bulbs
  • Front loading washing machines (don’t know why)
  • Skip the dryer – hang dry your clothes
  • Before putting hot food in fridge, cool them down first
  • Vacuum the fridge coils every now and then
  • Wash full loads rather than small ones..
  • Screw the air cond, use ceiling fans (i don’t have any ceiling fans at home.. just hooks :D)
  • Use the timer for the air cond – switch it off 1-2 hours after you fall asleep… then 1 hour before you wake up..

Do some of the steps above and you might save a few hundred dollars a year 😀

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