Where i was this morning….

One of those morning there I woke up early (and of course slept very late), and shoot the sunrise. Not a very typical thing to do – but since for the past couple of days – the weather has been more than amazing(apart from the extreme temperature).

Went to Bkt Tabur together with… Ted Adnan , Stockie and Amir..

Started the journey about 6.30am in Bukit Tabur, after a short breathless 20 mins hike – we get to see this..


And later on…

Bukit Tabur

Weather is extremely amazing – compared to a photo i shot – same location, yonks ago in a rather non-favourable weather..


Ah…. what a fantastic way to start… we even get to see KL clearly (almost)…

View of KL from Bukit Tabur

And… we also managed to record a video.. wakakaka

Obviously we ended up the short outing with thosai, bananas, half boiled eggs and few cups of nescafe tarik.. 😀

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