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What a day…


Its almost Chinese New Year, yet i am still swamped with work. Up down, left right center – I still need to work really hard to ensure that I would be able to get a good break next week. The chance of me getting the whole week off next week is rather very slim – as I have already meetings scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday… and a golf game on Friday :))

In contrary to last year, where i actually went on a long break to New York – this year I am working. Guess, after a slight reorganization in the company, i am definitely need to be a lot more focussed as the new role is extremely challenging. Having said that, I must say I have already gotten a good start and now need to push harder to ensure that my overall goal for this year is met 🙂

Its quite late now, am I am still online – perhaps because I already had about 1 hour nap earlier, and now my eyes are wide open and can’t really fall asleep. Tomorrow morning I have to wake up at 6am (that not too long from now), as I have a golf game. Finally, I am picking up golf back again, after scrounging for some good info on the web – and hoping to have a bit of the bug back again. Yeah yeah – its part of work, and I really need to buck up!


I started golf in 2000, from the driving range to all the way to the courses. In fact, I probably play golf during those times, then now. I was never a good player anyway, keep hitting the balls left right center. Once in a while, i hit a par… and birdie (maybe once). In fact, in every game – my goal is actually to hit straight and get a bogey. Most of the time – i ended breaking the hole and hit a double par in my scores.

Well – let’s see how I play tomorrow, and hopefully I won’t be that bad (especially after not holding the clubs for 1 year :)) ). The freaking bag is so dusty :))

Anyway.. time to sleep now… over and out

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