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Buying Games Online

I always been saying that i buy my tv series online – but amazingly, what’s available on the internet is more that what i actually expected. In fact today, my colleague recommended me to couple of sites that sells computer games! Well, usually i would prefer to buy box sets – but there are some old games which one wouldn’t be able to get off the shelves.

Picture 1.png

Direct2Drive is one of those sites – ran by IGN, sells games online. Prices are about equivalent to the one that are in the market – but then, i would be able to get most of the games that i wanted. The games that i’ve been searching for ages is World In Conflict – as shown here:


Supposed to be one of the best RTS game ever. Heh heh. Seriously – do i actually have time? Mebbe .. mebbe not. But its always good to have something available when time is available .. bwahahahah

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