Too Many Photos.. Too Little Time


Monk in a village

I shot about 50-60GB of photos in the last crossing bridges! That’s really a lot considering the amount of photos i usually shoot. Then again, my camera files are in the range of 23-27MB per file. That explains why i needed 50-60GB!

During the trip, i fully used up my laptop space, and almost used up my Canon M80 space. I was so scared that I would finish up my secondary storages. The only backup plan was to forego the backup of a backup :)) Then again, I managed to conserve few more gigabytes by deleting some of the photos which i didn’t like.

Now is the tough part, where I have to look at all my photos, one by one – and pick and choose the photos which I like, then do some cataloging stuffs to it (keywording, rating, categorizing…) – then develop it! Geeze so much time required. I told myself.. one photo a day – that’s all i need to do… and so far, I’ve been quite discipline 🙂

Heh heh, hopefully by the next Crossing Bridges, I’ll be done with my processing…

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