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In need of another holiday for the holiday?

The moment i touched down at the airport, i know that it gonna be a hell of a time to recover from the holiday. A week of shutdown from work, is definitely something that is very rare – and very difficult to do. But i managed to do so. Emails keep coming to my blackberry – i refuse to read it, because i know once i read it – i’ll be back in my working mode.

Anyway, i took one extra day off yesterday, to recover from my holiday – and what do i get? Well – i caught flu – sneezing and coughing throughout the night. Perhaps its because of the extra dust that gathered in the apartment during the days when i was away!

Well, I still have thousands of images to process – i hope i can get it done in the next two months, before i start my other holiday! Ishk…

To end this post… i’ll post one picture :p

Selling Petrol

A picture of a teenager waiting for customer on the roadside near Central Market in SIem Reap.

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