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Riding on Penchala Link..

Today i went cycling on Penchala Link, well, more of like trying to test out to see whether the highway is cyclable. I must say.. it is!

He he…

Picture 3.png

The funny part is that, there was a road block and i saw the police who supposed to be shooting the radar guns. Its more of like looking at the cars and radio-ing whether its above speed limit or not.. NO RADAR GUNS .. OR LASER GUNS… hmm

Anyway, map above is map of my track just now. Got the whole thing from new service from garmin called Pretty neat…

My speed as below… nothing to shout for lar..

Picture 4.png

My heart rate.. not too bad 😀
Picture 5.png

Lastly my cadence 😀

Picture 6.png

I set in the site.. my goal for the next 30 days is to cycle for 100km and have at least 10 rides! And….

Picture 7.png

Not too bad 😀

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