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I want this for Christmas!

I really want this for christmas…

Jobo announces Photo GPS camera add-on (again)

We haven’t heard much about Jobo’s Photo GPS camera add-on since it was announced around the time of last year’s PMA show, and it now looks like that’s been for good reason, as the company’s apparently decided to have another go at this whole “product launch” thing at this year’s PMA. From the looks of it, however, not much has changed with the device itself in the ensuing months, with it still promising to attach to your camera’s flash hot shoe and record GPS information as you shoot, and squeeze all that data into your images’ EXIF metadata (or XML file in the case of RAW images) when you sync it up. Assuming things don’t change any further, you can now apparently look for the unit to hit “mid-year,” when it’ll set you back $159.

Why? Because by having this, i would able to right click on Aperture and view where i took the photo in Google Maps..

Picture 3.png

Picture 2.png

Oh yeah (i was really out of town :p)

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