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New York: Day #1

Aha! Its day 1, finally. Still without any luggage, and still running on one set of attire…. Ekekekek.

The day started by walking out of the Guest House. It was so cold, and the sun was great!

Me.. cold..

**oh yeah, those are clothes from two days ago… **faintz***

After that, walked thru the coldness and took a train from West 4 station..

**west 4 station**

West 4 subway again

Stop at the 5th avenue station:

The 5th Avenue Station

Continued from there and walked to Central Park, where Apple Store 5th Avenue is!

That apple store on 5th avenue

The apple store looks really cool! Its right in front of GM building, and the concept is so funky!

Though the apple store looks so funky, i decided to continue walking in search for food. Hungry lar! Ended up with … a bagel!

Bagel buying

Since, i have a camera hanged to my neck, the fella gave me a cinnamon roll (couple of pieces) for free. He he.. Damn, the rolls was delicious. Continued to walk to the GM building for a place to seat and eat…

Me eating bagel

The bagel was hard, but boleh makan… He he

Continued to walk into the apple store… ada bagus!





Bought something! He he..

After apple store, continue to walk all over town to find clothing for today. Damn.. so disgusting to wear those clothes!

Me infront of radio city

Me in front of Radio City Music Hall

After radio city and couple of shops, head back to guest house to relax…

The action starts again at 1.00pm, he he.. this time around time to go to 34th street to go to Madison Square Garden – to pickup tonights ticket… Russell Peters.


Checkout his wiki here

After madison square garden, the plan is to find a place to eat lunch then head to B&H. Ended up with Wendy’s! đŸ˜€ he he.. Fish fillet.. ok lar…

After Wendy’s head to B&H… oops somebody forgot to look at the website.. close on Saturday!!! :((

Picture 3.png


After that, head back to 34th St Station. On the way.. saw some interesting stuffs.. like

NYPD Interceptor!

Bunch of Korean Made NYPD vehicles… he he

Postal Office

And the Post Office!

He he…

After that.. head back.. then .. rest .. before going out for Russell Peters..

Russell Peter's Ticket

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