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New York, New York

This is my second trip to New York! The first one was when i was with Accenture, for training somewhere in New York. Those days, i was really cash strapped. No money seriously. My credit card can’t even pay for the hotel bill because the limit was so low (oh yeah, its expensive to stay in NY).

Anyway – before anything, obviously i start with packing my stuffs for new york!

Prepping my luggage!

That’s my luggage that will be checked in! See, there’s DVD for me to watch in the plan (but sadly can’t charge my Macbook :()

Anyway.. here is the final deal for the trip to NY 😀

Oh yeah.. the bags that will go to NY

Three bags, the big one to check-in, the small grey bag is for my laptop and entertainment stuffs, whilst the black one is for the handcarry (it contains purely cameras :p)

My flight SQ103, departs from KUL at 8.55am thus i would need to be at the airport roughly about 7.30am. I managed to get there about 7.15am, checked in then had breakfast in Mcdonalds! After that. wait wait wait

Me looking quite fierce, hoping that SIA won't get delayd

Looks fierce innit?

Anyway – the flight departed slightly later, abt 9.10am, but nothing to worry because the next flight SQ022 is at 12.10pm, which is about more than 2 hours after my arrival in Changi. I arrived at Terminal 2 in changi, but then i took the sky train to go to terminal 3!

Me in Changi T3

Its a really nice terminal. A lot of characters i must say, especially from the art pieces that are showcased in the terminal itself. The bright, glass based terminal is really cool.

Anyway, the flight departed abt 15 mins earlier! So early, it wasn’t a full flight, but seriously the Executive Economy class is really worth it. For the amount that i paid, its super worth it!.

From this point onwards, i got no photos coz the camera is in the bag :p Ekekeke

Anyway, the plane landed abt 30 mins earlier.. but,.. sigh.. they lost my luggage.



After 1 hr of wait, finally managed to make the complaint and the SIA guy (Ray) said that they’ve found my luggage in Changi, and will be sending it over today! Yay.. but seriously, i got no winter jacket, no spare baju.. sigh!

Ok lar.. me tired of typing… had a pizza for dinner.. then slept. Not much of jet lag 😀

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