Clearance Delays

Ah crap… i ordered some stuffs from the Internet yesterday morning! And chose Fedex International Priority as the mode of shipment. Serious, its not the most expensive. UPS Worldwide Saver was almost double the price (I dun understand why though).

Anyway – I was so happy this morning when I saw that as of 11.25am, the package has arrived in Sepang. Amazing, considering the fact that it only took less than 36 hours before the shipment arrived in this country. Happy happy – I thought I could get the package today, 1 day of waiting is really good!!

Sadly… as u see from the image below, the package is delayed because of custom! CUSTOM.. ARGHHH…. Still no change in status. I believe the change would only come on Monday earliest.. if not Tuesday – assuming that they don’t work during the weekends!!!

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