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On the 7th of July, Jess Teh reported that somebody kidnap her kid while she was paying her parking ticket!

PENANG: A distressed mother is pining for her little daughter who went missing yesterday when she walked away from her car to pay her parking ticket near the Bayan Baru market hawker centre.

The salesgirl, Jess Teh, 28 said she left her three-year-and-nine-month-old daughter, Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying, in her car and went about 100m away to pay the parking attendant.

“It was less than 10 minutes for me to walk over, make my payment, and come back to the car to discover Shearwey missing,” she said.

Have you seen her?: Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying went missing near the Bayan Baru market hawker centre in Penang yesterday.
The incident happened about 8.15am after the mother and daughter finished their breakfast at the hawker centre.

Teh said she went to look around frantically for her only child for more than three hours and contacted her family members and friends for help.

She added that her daughter was wearing her cartoon-printed pyjamas and urged the public to help to look out for her.

Shearwey’s uncle, Ooi Eng Hiap, 25, who helped in the search, said they had checked the market and the surrounding areas.

“My brother, Eng Chew (Shearwey’s father), who is now in China for a business trip has been informed and will be returning home as soon as possible,” he said.

The family later lodged a police report at the Bayan Lepas police station.

The investigation officer said they would be helping to search for the missing girl. Those who have information on the girl can contact the police station at 04-643 0311 or Ooi at 017-498 8403.
Source: The Star Online

Suddenly today! The Star reported that the mother has been remanded to facilitate the investigation. Apparently, the daughter drowned in a plastic tub! The she and her boyfriend (not the husband) wait till the next morning – and burn the daugther, then place the remains at three different places. Geeze… What’s wrong with the woman! Then again, nobody is guilty until proven so…

PENANG: Police have remanded the mother of Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying to help in the investigation into the death of the three-year-old girl whose charred remains were scattered in three different locations.

Jess Teh, 28, and her boyfriend, Ong Chee Leong, 29, were produced before the Balik Pulau magistrate’s court yesterday morning.

Court appearance: Teh being brought to the Balik Pulau magistrate’s court to be remanded over the death of her daughter Ying Ying (below). – ZAINUDIN AHAD / The Star
From early morning, a large crowd had gathered outside the courthouse to catch a glimpse of those who had been arrested in connection with the case.

Last Friday, Teh, a sales executive, lodged a police report saying that Ying Ying had gone missing after she left the child outside her car when she went to pay for her parking ticket near the Bayan Baru market hawker centre.

The next day, Teh gave a press conference to say how Ying Ying went missing and asked for help from the public to find her.

Teh and Ong were arrested on Sunday at about 1pm when they turned up at the Bayan Lepas police station to give a statement.

Ong then led police to recover a piece of bone at a cemetery in Paya Terubong and a pair of pyjamas in his car that was parked at the couple’s apartment at Bandar Baru Air Itam.

Sources said police were investigating Teh’s claim that Ying Ying had drowned in a plastic bathtub, which has since been recovered from the couple’s apartment.

The sources added that only Ong was at the apartment when Ying Ying died on Thursday.

Teh had found Ying Ying dead when she returned home from work.

They said both waited for nightfall before carrying the little girl’s body out of the premises.

They added that police were now looking for an oil drum in which Ying Ying’s body was believed to have been placed before it was doused with petrol and burned.

Yesterday, Ong led police to three rivers in Air Itam and Paya Terubong where Ying Ying’s remains were said to have been dumped.

A police team searched the three places.

At a press conference, Balik Pulau OCPD Supt Mohd Hatta Mohd Zain said the couple had been remanded until July 18 and that police had classified the case as murder.

“We consider the case solved with their arrest. Our checks showed that Ong was arrested a few years ago in connection with a fight,” he said.

It is understood that Teh met Ong, a former karaoke lounge manager who is currently jobless, about a year ago and they moved in together about three months ago.

Teh is in the midst of getting a divorce from her businessman husband Ooi Eng Chew.

Ong is separated from his wife and has two children.

Source: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2007/7/10/nation/18261123&sec=nation&focus=1


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