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The Perfect Chocolate Cake


How does one make a perfect chocolate cake? Or perhaps – the question should be what make a chocolate dark cake perfect? Isn’t such question a subjective one?

Oh dear!

Following are some of the characteristics that I would think should be considered:

  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Moist Factor
  • Taste

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Well, this is kinda important factor as I wouldn’t want to eat a chocolate cake that looks like a dog poo or something. The brown colour gotta be really dark – to give that rich strong impression. As dark as it should be, it should not be near black- as this would signal that the cake is over burnt! The colour of a particular cake is determined by the type of chocolate that is used. If one were to use rather not very pure chocolate powder, the cake might turn up light brown – and might be mistaken as Milo cake rather than a chocolate cake πŸ˜‰

Fuzzy like dark brown coloured chocolate cake πŸ˜€


This is the most crucial part in the determining how perfect is a chocolate cake. As its the most crucial, its also the most complex part of baking a cake!! How complex? Well a texture is determined by the types of ingredients that one use, the method of mixing, the duration of mixing, and even the acidity of the ingredients! Heh heh

Fuzzy like a smooth textured chocolate cake πŸ˜€

Moist Factor

Moist works hand in hand with texture. Moisture of a chocolate cake will give that rich and satisfying experience of the wallop-er πŸ˜€ He he. The cake should be moist enough! It can’t be too moist – otherwise might as well we call a pudding. If its too dry – might as well we call biscuits :p Moist factor is mainly determined by the temperature that is used to bake the cake – as well as the duration! The trick of baking for the right moist is to keep the temprature high enough that the cake wouldn’t dry up in a short duration..

Fuzzy like MOIST cakes!!!

Β Taste

Taste is very subjective. Taste is primarily determined by the amount of ingredients whacked into the mixture! The taste would also be determined by the acidity of the ingredients (chocolate are alkaline!). The more acid its is, the sourish it’ll go. The more alkaline the mixture is, its a bit more bitter. The trick is to fine the right flavor!!

Fuzzy like slightly sour chocolate cake with “just nice” sweetness πŸ˜€

Ok lar.. Now can somebody bake one for me?

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