10 signs that you are a gym addict!


Following are the 10 major signs of a gym addict

  1. The person claims that the body won’t wake up without a working during the day
  2. The person wiling to cancel all appointments just to go gym
  3. The person has more gym shoes than working shoes
  4. The person has a dedicated toiletries bag just for gym
  5. The person has more gym attires than his working clothes
  6. The person wakes up at 5.30am EVERY MORNING just to go gym
  7. The person spends 80% of his free time in the gym
  8. The person eats breakfast in the gym….. EVERY MORNING
  9. The person buys new gym shoes every three months
  10. The person claims that he is not a gym addict =))

Damn… i am one of THEM

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