Running Nose and Congested Chest…


I am still having the annoying running nose and congested chest! As expected things wouldn’t get any better – but would get worst as the day goes by. Am surprise that i didn’t manage to catch a fever – maybe my antibodies are quite strong against the fever! Though i felt feverish on Saturday night.

The pleghms are yellow-fied! That’s a sign of infection – either bacterial or virus. Guess what I need to do is to go to the doctor and grab a few dosage of antibiotics!! So that things will get a lot better. The problem is I am still seating on my chair, waiting to go to gym! Then go to Eastin hotel for the launch of me companies new Brand!!

I really hate congested chest – it feels like i am having less oxygen! Thus it creates an annoying feeling. How i wish i can get a pump and clear off my congested chest! Grrr…

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