May Them Rest In Peace…


In the past several months, I had quite a number of friends that has passed away. Very sad indeed.

One of them passed away as a hero… 🙁

One of them passed away cause of suicide.. 🙁

One of them passed away – of unknown causes…(rumor said the person might have been killed) 🙁

One of them passed away of a horrific road accident…

It’s really sad indeed, because life is so short, that you wouldn’t know how short it can be. We can’t plan of what going to happen next, we can only pray that we would live longer, and happier. The saying goes, “Life is Short, Play Harder” is kinda accurate – but then again how hard can we play, how much enjoyment can we have knowing that the next time we wake up is the last… **sob sob.. depressing statement**

Anyway, I was once told by a friend of mine – he rather enjoy life doing things he like to do, eat what he wants to eat, because he rather die doing the things he enjoys most, and ate the things he loves!! Rather than a person who dies on a hospital bed (on contrary to a riding a motorbike at 250km/h) and tasted all the beef in the world (compared to a person who only eats fish… and no salt please). Very interesting… indeed.

Anyway – I just feels a bit depressed now knowing that all these things had happened to my friends. I do hope I would live longer, and gets to enjoy things i love to do and spend more time with people that i love.

Its time for me to sleep now, and forget of what i write… and tomorrow would be a better day (and hoping to finish writing the tender docs… hehe)

……over and out…

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