Run run run…

I was in Langkawi over the weekend for some personal matters. It was in fact a good break. I have already set in my mind to run at least 10km during the course of my stay there – and yes i managed to do it. It has been done in two runs, one on Friday it self – right immediately after i arrived…

And the other is the next morning (Saturday)…

The first run, was a beach run – at 10.31am, under the scorching hot sun – I had to run for 5km++. Heh heh, totally drenched but totally satisfying. The second run, I started at 7.30am, but after 1km i had to abandon the beach run because it started to rain. I restarted in gym for a 5km run.

Sunday didn’t manage to run because I had to checkout and fly back home…. Following are my running data… (slow and steady..)



Well.. i am well ahead of my goal of 60km in 28 days :D… may need to revisit the goal !!


Now … its time for me to RUN AGAIN.. woo hoo

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