Well, its one of those times where i find myself to be stuck with a particular thing, and won’t let go until something bad happen. I sometimes, create a term called “Seasonal”. He he..

For example, there have been time where i keep on eating the same thing, over and over and over…. again non-stop because i just like it. There’s this one time where i was into Capati… I will keep on eating the same thing, non-stop for a long time, until there’s a time when i got food poisoning, i swear you, i don’t want to come near a capati again.

Similarly, now i am kinda in a season of… RUNNING.

Quite bad really, I’ve been running about 5km almost everyday since last week till this morning. Crazy crazy. Men of myself should be careful and not touch the RUNNING bit. But heck, we live only once.. ekekek

This morning, i pushed myself a bit too much – now i am feeling the aches on the muscles and the back… Tmrw supposed to be my rest day (a.k.a. water sports day), but I think I will still run, perhaps 3-4km… heh heh.. Its fun!

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