Started to run again..


After a long break (very long actually-we talking about years).. I have decided that I really into running, but due to my physical nature, it is actually quite dangerous for me to do such a thing (yeah physical nature, like that word).

After much deliberation, i decided to start running again, and find ways to mitigate the pain on the knee and the him. How? Well the best is to increase the incline to probably about 3% (thus reducing the impact), and also ensuring that the knee is always bend upon landing (hence the impact is absorbed by your thigh).

Oh in addition to that, having a this shoe helps a lot…


It absorbs damn a lot of impact!  Heh hehe. Checkout the absorbers man!

He he, also need thi the ipod to keep heart rate up…switch on some dosh-dosh tracks, will zoom all the way!
Anyway, all in all today, i managed to run about 3.5km. Though i ran quite slow, something like 6.0km/h at incline of 3.0%. Just started liao. I used to run constantly at incline of 3.0% at 11km/h. So its still quite far to go, but yet.. must slowly build up. I probably wanna get some knee and ankle support. Just in case liao. You never know!

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