Its a working weekend!


Its a working weekend for me, well pretty much because a lot of things are happening this week. I actually have..

  1. Help client to finish some slides for presentation on monday morning
  2. Complete a proposal by Tuesday morning
  3. Prepare for some meeting on Wednesday

Its quite normal for err for me to work weekends, but i guess lately i’ve been subjected to work which doesn’t allow me to work hard during weekends :laugh:

Ha ha..

Actually I am not really complaining, in fact i really enjoying it. Its just one of my other “hidden” hobbies.. Working? Nah more of doing slides and writing proposal. Its quite enjoyable. Smack in Johan’s Pachelbel music to my itunes (Canon in D major and Air on a G String rocks!) – I am done deal. I literally had to force myself to sleep last night because I keep on writing the proposal. Just one of those nights lar..

Suddenly I am in to my classic song moood… I’ll write up on what album i bought last night :))

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