After a long break…

I wanna get back into my workout pace. I believe that my normal cardio workout in the morning (gym plus swim) is not enough for me to lose weight.

Yes i do have a very very low metabolic rate =))

Anyway, this morning – because i woke up late (pretty much way to lazy to get out of bed). So my standard workout, err doesn’t work coz i want to do a bit more shooting today 😀 Must finish my quota of two rolls a month.

To cut things short, i decided to go a RPM class. You know what’s RPM? Check this out.. Les Mills RPM . Not bad, after think about 18 months of irregular classes, my heart still can take it. 😀


I do hope I would be able to go the classes regularly 🙂

In an ideal scenario, I should mix RPM classes and BodyPump classes 😀 He he.. weight losing program not very working very well. It has been very stagnant.. 🙁

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