Over exercise?


Is there such thing as over exercise is this world? I know exercise is very good, but everything in this world, typically should be done in moderation. A bit too much of everything usually can be harmful.

For example, food – there are lot of healthy food around, but too much of some can just be as bad as taking chocolates (well some say, its healthy). Perhaps hmm, milk – its healthy, but too much of dairy also not good.

So, how about exercise, exercise is good in getting your blood to move, fat to burn, hmm.. what else… but with exercise you also workout your joints, your spine.. your … ekekek, so.. how?

Why i asked? Well.. i pretty much goiing to a slightly more than moderate exercise.. ekeke, something like morning.. 90 mins cardio, then 15 mins swim. And optional 45 mins RPM class at night? So its that moderate, over moderate? or what…

Checkout this link. Quote quote…

Accompanying with the steady increase in the number of people with eating disorders has been a rise in the number of people with exercise disorders: people who are controlling their bodies, altering their moods, and defining themselves through their overinvolvement in exercise activity, to the point where instead of choosing to participate in their activity, they have become “addicted” to it, continuing to engage in it despite adverse consequences. If dieting taken to the extreme becomes an eating disorder, exercise activity taken to the same extreme may be viewed as an activity disorder, a term used by Alayne Yates in her book Compulsive Exercise and the Eating Disorders (1991).

That sounds really really like me… hmmm

More quote!

  • The person maintains a high level of activity and is uncomfortable with states of rest or relaxation.

  • The individual depends on the activity for self-definition and mood stabilization.

  • There is an intense, driven quality to the activity that becomes self-perpetuating and resistant to change, compelling the person to continue while feeling the lack of ability to control or stop the behavior.

  • Only the overuse of the body can produce the physiologic effects of deprivation (secondary to exposure to the elements, extreme exertion, and rigid dietary restriction) that are an important component perpetuating the disorder.

  • Although activity disordered individuals may have coexisting personality disorders, there is no particular personality profile or disorder that underlies an activity disorder. These persons are apt to be physically healthy, high-functioning individuals.

  • Activity disordered persons will use rationalizations and other defense mechanisms to protect their involvement in the activity. This may represent a preexisting personality disorder and/or be secondary to the physical deprivation.

  • Although there is no particular personality profile or disorder, the activity disordered person’s achievement orientation, independence, self-control, perfectionism, persistence, and well- developed mental strategies can foster significant academic and vocational accomplishments in such a way that they appear as healthy, high-functioning individuals.

Oh crap…

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