Severe Viral Conjuctivitis – Daily Journal (Updated)

This is the third day since I’ve been in infected with conjunctivitis. It has been really a horrible experience – coming from a person who really depends on his eyes on his work and hobby.


The first day – probably is the most horrifying of all where i woke up with teary red eyes… with puss all over my eyes. Immediately, i decided that its conjuctivitis, and no way I would be going to office with such conditions. Went to gym first :)), then took a shower before heading to see resident doctor at damansara perdana, to get some medication and advise.

Upon meeting him, he provided me with three types of medication:

  • Norofloxin
  • Sofradex
  • Gentamicin

Norofloxin is pretty much a newer version of Gentamicin… Gentamicin is an oral anti-biotic (very old) and sofradex is Gentamicin and high amount of steroid. The medication goes like this, alternate norofloxin and sofradex every 2 hrs, and continue with Gentamicin at the end of the day before i sleep. Sounds good, seems that the doctor is being aggressive with my medication – hopefully everything will be alright soon!

Hours later, things just got worst!!! I called my sister about 3.30pm – explaining to her about my condition – also ran thru the list of medication that has been prescribed to me. She was ultimately shocked with the medication, never in her life she heard such medication being prescribed by a normal General Practicioner (GP), typically its either norofloxin or gentamicin, and not both. Also sofradex is prescribed for ears by GP, prescription for eyes only limited to Specialist. One word, my resident doctor is being aggressive. Oh crap.. sis asked me to stop on gentamicin and sofradex, and just continue to use norofloxin. On top of that, take some clarinase to relieve the pain by the swelling in the eyes, also reduce the tears.

Ok lar, by the time 7pm, after gone thru like half the season of Bones, i was sleepy (plus my butt was severely tired due to sitting down way too long watching dvd’s and surf internet), and plus the fact that my eyes really cannot take it… :)) I SLEPT! As usual on my favourite spot, my highly uncomfortable sofa (still looking for funds to replace my aged sofa).

2 hours 45 mins later (roughly abt 9.45 pm) I woke up, suddenly really feeling constant pain, and hmm, trouble closing my eyes! Woops, swelling got bigger, fine! so i went to the toilet to look at my eyes, DAMN, almost pissed in my pants, never been scared in my left, the conjuctiva (the white portion of the eye), was swelling so badly that it was coming out of my eyes!! Damn Damn Damn, i wish i could post some photos here, but its just way too scary to see.. sigh.. damn damn damn..

I immediately called my resident doctor, and told him that i need to see him immediately. So i walked down to the clinic, and he said, stop all the medication, i might be allergy to some of the medication. Sigh, and go to see specialist. He said, no specialist now but i can try to go to the hospital. With such condition, i couldn’t really consider much, and just took my chances to go see the specialist. Half an hour later, i was at Pantai Medical Center, waiting at the emergency ward, waiting to see another GP. 10 mins later i was called in, and the GP told me that the specialist is not around, and i could only see the specialist the next morning. He prescribed to me tobamycin, to be applied to the eyelids just before i sleep. As usual, i called my sister and she said, since i might be allergy to Norofloxin, i should skip tobamycin and wait for the specialist. At this point of time, my eyes is really damn crap, can’t see properly, and feels like there a truck load of sands inside it, plus the fact that it was swollen so badly like i was punched 100 times non stop!

Drove back home, and tried to sleep. Was worried like shit, damn, this is my eyes I am talking abt! not any other things. I need it for a lot of things, make money , photography… damn… damn damn. Woke up with the thought that i might get blind when i wake up the next morning πŸ™ I managed to sleep.. but been waking up every 1 hour, took the opportunity to open my eyes, to ensure that i still can see πŸ™ sigh, very bad experience. Finally, i woke up at 5.45am (my usual waking up time), can’t open my eyes! It was glued together with the puss. Had to use water to wash up the puss, then i can see.

Day 2

Now its day 2, see the specialist day. Heh heh, well I didn’t mention that during my stay at home on day 1, i managed to make the croissant dough, just for fun. He he. So this morning, i baked my croissant (nothing beats a fresh croissant for breakfast). Made some scramble eggs to eat together with the croissant. From 9am, i started to call the specialist (gotten the number from the Pantai Medical Center the night before).

  • 9am, the nurse said that the doc’s assistant is in the office, so they gonna call back.
  • 9.30am, no call back, so i call again, the same nurse said that the doc’s assistant saw the message but didn’t call back. I was like, sigh…
  • 10.00am, still no call back, i call again, the same nurse said that the doc’s assistant is in the doc’s office, and asked me to wait..
  • 10.10am, still no call back, asked a friend to see if can find any other opthalmologist that i can refer to… so more waiting game (oh yeah, its constant pain, worst than yesterday but the swelling has gone down)
  • 10.20am, received a call from the doc’s assistant, the doc ready to see me NOW.. woo hoo.

Since i was already ready to go, i quickly go to the car and drive to Pantai Medical Center. DIdn’t realise that my eyes was actually in a worse condition that the day before, it was quite difficult to drive. I was getting photophobia, and my eyes can’t really open that wide. On top of that, my eyes was perpetually on tears. Slowly… slowly, i managed to get to Pantai Medical Center. Went to Suite B227, Dr Van. Waited for 10 mins before i managed to see him.

His immediate response… this is a severe viral conjuctivitis. I told him abt all the medication that has been prescribed to me, and his immediate feedback, wah! your doctor so aggressive. He he… He prescribed to me..

  • Garasone – Gentamycin with a bit of Steroid
  • Prednisolone – Oral steroid
  • Tears inducing ointment

Garasone is to be taken every hour, followed by the ointment 5 mins later. Need to go on agressive measure, where for 24 hrs i will need to do this. Prednisolone will need to be taken 3 times a day after meal.

He gave me option, whether to be admitted or to stay at home. His recommendation was for me to be admitted – so that i will receive the medication constantly. I said, ok. That’s it for my time with the specialist. When i got out, i managed to nego with the nurse to go and admit myself later, like 7pm :)) Wanna chill at home watch dvd !! πŸ˜€

Dee daa dee daa deedaam at 7pm i was back in hospital admit myself in, got a single room (with the 250 allowance by Datascan). Not bad the room. First things first, i told the nurse me not having dinner in the room, i’ll go down to starbucks! He he.. had hot choc and chicken panini sandwich πŸ˜€ also tapau finger sandwich upstairs just in case i’m hungry later tonight πŸ˜€

Starting from that point, every hour i had to put myself the medication. The nurse came in every hour to make sure i put it. I couldn’t really sleep, the light was on, and my laptop was just next to me. He he, connected overnight to celcom3g (thanks gosh for this), i was able to surf and chat with my friends – also check and reply my work mails.

Day 3

Ok, the medication works!! swelling gone down so much.. and i am back in action. πŸ˜€ He he… am so happy!! Compared to pissing in my pants experience on Day 1!! As usual, woke up at 5.45am – but no gym. He he, continue to watch bones… and a bit of surfing here and there. Plus did some work he he πŸ˜€ psycho!! such a workaholic. 8.30am, i went to have a long shower! he he.. felt happy maaa…

About 9.15am, i was called to go to see Dr. Van. The doc said.. that my eyes has improve tremendously and i can be discharged today!! Yay… (no difference actually)..

Will continue soon! Gotta go gym


So then, after 1 hour of paperworkΒ  – i went and sort out the bill (damn.. one night stay costed me a total of about 780 bucks – pretty much half of it is for the specialist time…Β  i shoudl have become a doctor!, and the other half comprise of the room stay and medication). Its okaylar, hopefully everything will be covered by the company πŸ˜€ Better be.. he he

I went back home, drop by Ikano for lunch (yes, this weirdo that walk around with sunglasses in the mall.. psycho). Wait till they see my eyes.. am sure they will freak out, probably worst then vampire. After lunch, i just chill out at home do nothing, read a few mails here and there and continue my medication. Due to the medication, my vision is kinda blurry coz of the tear inducer. If i don’t use the tear inducer, my eyes will be so dry that it’ll hurt. Guess, that’s why the combo of the tear inducer and garasone. The steroid in the garasone will make my eyes dry, therefore i would need to get the tear inducer to keep it moist.

That night was kind interesting, i used a combo of my phone and my alarm clock to keep me awake for my medication. Ha ha, my phone could do 3 alarms plus my alarm clock.. that’s 4 alarms altogether. So whenever i wake up, i keep on setting the alarm back again.

BUT the interesting part is that when i woke up at abt 1.30am at night.. errr. errr.. i stayed awake until abt 4.30am.. ha ha.. joker… :))

Day 4

Today is day 4… not much, woke up in the morning.. made myself breakfast which was rather unhealthy.. Errr.. pound cake and jam.. and also one banana.. ha ha… the pound cake was baked yesterday.. during my times watching dvd. Pretty good actually… heh heh..

Then i started on this journal.. after finish writing halfway the journal at abt 10am, i made my move to celebrity fitness. Did about 90 mins of cardio.. pretty okay considering that i have not done any workout for the past 3 days. Damn.. that’ damn blardy long!!! I am hoping that later, i would be able to hit the driving range for 100 balls. To keep myself in the game.

Also, the office suppose to send the despatch to my apartment to sign couple of documents. Shall wait for that, also the plumber is also suppose to call me back to say whether he can install the water filter for my washing machine. Yah yah yah.. gotta get rid of those sediments, so that my shirt will be cleaner after the wash :))

Okay, guess.. will continue again tomorrow after i see the specialist. I really hope that the doc will give me the go ahead to go to the office on Monday. I can’t stand staying at home liao.. ha ha.. need to do work .. need to do work..

My name is fazli..

I am and addict

I am addicted to work

:)) :)) :))

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