New Year’s Resolution


Well, seriously I am not very passionate abt this new year resolution thingy, every year I would think of something, but ended up forgetting abt it after couple of weeks. But this year, i think i should do something, he he.. it’ll be fun…

As far as know, i figure my new year’s resolution will be based on the three sentences above… šŸ˜€

  • Work Harder – meaning I will resolutions that will cover my career and what ever i do
  • Play Harder – Resolutions that will cover my life’s amusement’s and entertainment – including hobbies and stuffs..
  • Be Happier – Resolutions that will allow me to further enhance my Pursuit of Happyness.. (Remember this.. ha ha)

I think some of the things that i want to do..

  • Lose a considerable amount of weight
  • Be able to work hard enough to achieve better evaluation at the end of the year
  • Do a full medical checkup and pass with flying colours (yah right..)
  • Shoot more photos, and really more photos
  • Travel to india and china
  • Be more organised at home…
  • And loads more

We shall see, its already Jan 12 2007, and i haven’t decided on this. Damn it

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