Going for a walk… (or am i just enjoying the coffee)


Blardy hell, woke up err.. and 6.30am today. Slept at abt.. hmm…2.30am (yah, but i did slept abt a good 2 hrs when i was at my friends place). They all watched grey’s anatomy dvd while i happily snore away the night… wakakakakkaka 😀

In fact the whole idea, is for me to go to Bukit Kiara Arboretum Park (i hope i spell it right..) abt 7am.. then after that hit the pool for about 10 or 15 laps (depending on how tired.).

Now .. its about 7.37am.. i am still with my cup of coffee writing this blog. Ha ha.. blardy hungry (though had beef noodle last night and sub super-super-super sinful dessert).

Errr.. its 7:39am.. ha ha.. need to get my ass going!!

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