Jobless in Japan – Day 8/9 – Nagasaki and Gunkanjima


Today is day 8-9 and I have surpassed a third of my jobless holiday. It has been great to be honest. Despite having withdrawal symptoms – I am feeling better now. To have time to think about life. Two things in my mind for sure – I wish I had travelled more when I was younger and I am wish I am much fitter. Not that current fitness level is stopping me for doing anything, but being fitter will allow me to do more!

Back to My holiday. Nagasaki is a port town. Back during the Shogunate era, Nagasaki is the only port that was opened to foreigners. In fact only to the Dutch. That’s why when you walk around Nagasaki – you do see a lot of Dutch influences. This is way before the English and American started coming.

Observing how the population works, I think the town is more of a trading town. There are not much of professionals around (like bankers and such). Well this could be because I am not staying at the posh area.

During my visit here, there were two major things that I visited and learnt. Gunkanjima(or Hashima) and Atomic Bomb.


RT is still not rideable…


It has been about a month since I mentioned in my blog that my bike was recalled – So sad. A month after, there still has not been any news on when the bike would be ready. The only thing which I received from BMW was a form which I needed to fill up.


The form give me three options as stated here:



In summary the options are as follows:

[mks_accordion_item title=”Package A”]Courtesy bike and cash voucher worth RM3000 AND Choose between C600 sport or C600GT or F800GT [/mks_accordion_item]
[mks_accordion_item title=”Package B”] Courtesy bike and cash voucher worth RM3000 AND K1600GTL [/mks_accordion_item]
[mks_accordion_item title=”Package C”] Courtesy bike and cash voucher worth RM5000 [/mks_accordion_item]

I have submitted my form back to the dealer 1st July, and yet until today – I still haven’t gotten any feedback. Really miss my bike… and miss riding it too 🙁


When will i get it… 🙁