Ride to Fraser’s Hill Gap


In the past two weeks, I have been riding my bike. Not so much focusing on other things but just riding my bikes. The bike is super awesome. I somewhat rediscover what I enjoy about riding. The first few rides were about getting used to the bike. The photo below shows the ride on that day.

I am still learning on how to edit good video, and what makes great video – great. One thing that I know, is of course the synchronization of the music and the video. In which the video above has.

One of my friend did make a comment, I put in too much of my bike. Which I have to agree. Despite the fact that the video is about me and my bike, I think people will be more interested with the scenery and the views that I get to enjoy. Hence – I need to reduce the bike videos and add more travel things.



It has been a long while since the last time I rode my bike. Partly due to my busy schedule, and partly due to my minor home renovation. Now that everything is done – I took my bike out and do two of my hobbies which is motorcycle riding and photography. I remembered this place – Kerling during one of those my adventure days with Alex. We exited Lembah Beringin and then head over to road number 1. We came out thru Kerling. I remembered this place for having bunch of old buildings. Map below shows where Kerling is, and the photos of the shoot is in the attached gallery. Quiet town indeed!

Sudah sekian lama semenjak saya menunggang motor saya. Ini adalah kerana jadual saya yang amat sibuk dan pengubahsuaian rumah saya. Sekarang semua sudah selesai – jadi saya mula meluahkan masa untuk dua hobi saya iaitu menunggang motorsikal dan fotografi. Saya teringat tempat ini – Kerling, daripada salah satu pengembaraan bersama Alex. Kami keluar mengikut Lembah Beringin dan terus menuju ke Jalan Nombor 1. Kami tiba di Kerling. Saya teringat kawasan ini kerana kawasan ini mempunya bangunan yang lama. Di bawah ada peta kawasan ini, dan juga galeri gambar gambar saya. Pekan yang sepi!


Map to Kerling/Peta ke Kerling


Short ride


It has been almost 2 weeks since I had a proper ride. I guess I seriously don’t have time. Been spending a lot of time at work. Barely checking my Instagram and my Facebook account at all during working days. 

It’s funny, as much as I push for the notion of Work Life Balance, life has not been all like that. It’s more like Work Work. Tough life. Haha. 

But it’s ok. We sometimes need to work hard to achieve what we want, if we don’t get it it’s really a disappointment. Though I felt tired at the end of every day, I still feel motivated. 

Back to motorcycling. It’s a dangerous hobby, but if we play it safe it can be safe. No point riding at 200kmh if you know that a split second lapse of judgement will cause you dearly. That small fall can kill you. Seriously. Is it more dangerous than cycling doubt so. 

Anyway – Life is a ride. We enjoy life, we enjoy the ride.