Ginza Backstreet


When I was in Tokyo last year on my solo trip, I stayed in Tokyu Stay. Not far from the main Ginza street. This has been my favourite place to stay. It is smacked between Tsukiji Market and Ginza. Was easy for me to walk to Tsukiji for breakfast, and back in hotel in 5 mins (for those usual morning “runs” in the toilet).

The photo that I am showing below, I think taken from my hotel room. I think! Not particularly sure because I cannot remember and there weren’t any gps tagging as I was indoor! But anyway, I suspect, its not far from the hotel as I don’t remember being on any observation tower in Ginza. The best was on top of Matsuya Ginza (I think!).

Ginza Backstreets

Ginza Backstreets

The other good part of staying in Ginza is that, when you wake up in the morning and do my street shoot, there are always an abundance of subject to capture. I don’t need to travel far to start utilising my rangefinder.
Ginza Street

Ginza Street

I remember back in 2016, I stayed in Minato. Yes it was much cheaper, but the access to public transport was a bit far, and there weren’t much subjects to shoot around there. But then again, I might be wrong as I have not gotten back to rangefinder and hard core street shooting back then. In fact, that trip, I just used my iPhone if I am not mistaken!

Anyhow, I always enjoy my time in Japan. Looking forward for my next trip, but I am telling myself that I need to diversify the places that I go to! Let’s see…

Travel dream


Sometimes I always wonder what it feels to travel the world without having anything to worry. Just riding the bike all over the place, experience new cultures and meet new people.

In the past few years, I’ve not travel much due to work commitment. In fact I have not travel much my whole life. During my studies back in the UK, I didn’t travel as much as what normally typical Malaysian students would do. I didn’t back pack across Europe nor took the Eurostar across to Paris. The furthest I’ve gone was to go to Lake Windermere for a competition, fully paid by EDS.

It is my dream to travel the world. Hopefully in my lifetime I would be able to do that. Just jump into my bike and zoom across the continent without any worry of what I have left behind. Obviously I would come back as family commitments are much more important than anything else to me.

Well, now it comes to my retirement plan. I hope to retire early. Perhaps before 50. I can’t believe that I am even considering this, I guess age is catching up and I started realizing that I have not done a lot of stuffs in the past 37 years or so. But all is not lost, we’ve all done a lot in the past and we will do much more in the future. Crying of spoilt milk is a waste of time. We just need to plan for the future and continue to dream and perseveres so that we can achieve our dream.

Enough of whining… Time to move on and plan my next step…