Breakfast Run

This morning I decided to head to Tanjung Malim for a quick breakfast. The weather was awesome, hovering around 25-27 degrees Celsius. Uncommon for Malaysia. But the ride home was just mad. Rain was way too heavy.

Morning Breakfast

Not far from the Noodle Factory – is the Kopitiam that the locals will have their breakfast. The time is not that early but I am surprised that there are not many people having breakfast here. I would have thought that there will be a lot more people here!

Nasi Lemak Choices

Nasi Lemak is a decadent breakfast that usually served for breakfast. A serving of Nasi Lemak can go up to 1000 calories, depending on the choice of “lauk”. I made a trip to Chow Kit market to test out the new camera. The first thing that I saw next to my car was a Nasi…